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Three ages? Try eight and a half.

First Age

Second Age

The Jek-her'a are created, develop advanced technology, and subsequently kill themselves off with it. Picture a long nuclear winter, entire continents exposed to deadly radioactive energy, and the final remnants of the Jek-her'a breathing their last breath to admit it might have been a mistake to start that war .

Third Age

Sentient life really fucked up Faewalk and the planet wanted some time to itself.

Fourth Age

The current races are born and develop shit. Oh yeah, and there's magic now.

Fifth Age

Things happened. Probably. Faewalk's sentient races opted so hard to never talk about the events of the Fifth Age that it has been lost from memory and the only reason they know it exists is because "five" comes in between "Four" and "Six."

Any artifacts from the Fifth Age are considered a lie and/or propaganda and immediately disposed of.

Sixth Age

Seventh Age

The Unfounded is discovered, marking the beginning of the seventh age.

Eighth Age

The Topsyturvy messes things up. The Steamcog Revolution takes place in The Nest in the nice, even numbered year of 1,000.

Eighth-and-a-Half Age

The current age. The world gets a horrible infestation of Dark Lords.