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Welcome to the wholly unoriginal and clichéd fantasy realm of Faewalk, which is totally not a copywritten or trademarked location, though it is pretty satirical.

Faewalk is filled with magic and technology, heroes and monsters, and just about anything a depraved author could wish to come up with—some of it may even have threads of continuity woven throughout its history, societies, and cultures.

This world has its roots in the Macy Blush Collection, stemming from the revision of those novellas to skirt the all-powerful C&D letters, and has been developed to be a playground for authors who also wish to avoid possible legal action. If their beloved characters can’t be written in Faerûn, Golarion, Azeroth, Nirn, or any other world in the multiverse, they can do so here. Faewalk is more than just a blending pot—it’s a catchall, a smorgasbord of ideas, a Frankenstein (both the scientist and monster) of genres.

Simply put, Faewalk is a hot mess, but it’s our hot mess.

This wiki will keep you up to date on the newly discovered facts about Faewalk, constantly expanded as Nat 1 releases more books and short stories set here. Use it as you wish, and be sure to submit your work to us—we’d love to see it and if its a good fit, it’ll be published and Faewalk will grow a little more. Even if you don’t submit your work, you can still utilize the setting! Faewalk’s only two rules are you can’t use established characters without permission of the author who created them (if you’d like to, contact the Nat 1 team by clicking here, or jump onto our Official Discord Server and ask us there) and to give credit of the world if your story is published through a house that is not Nat 1.

Enjoy your time in Faewalk and try not to be bashed into a pulp by a testy ogre!