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The big land masses. Like, really big. These ain't no countries (except, of course, for the ones that are also countries).

Moustachio’toe Archipelago

No, the islands do not have, nor do they look like feet with facial hair, but the half of the native inhabitants sure do. Have toes with hair, that is. This thousand-island chain is the homeland of Faewalk’s halflings and each island consists of rolling fields and lush forests bedazzled by pristine lakes and rivers, each fit for the name of “shire.” In between these islands that lie in the Cerulean Ocean, linking the continents of the Nest and the Unfounded, was the home-water of Faewalk’s merfolk and squidithids.


This continent earned its name by being considered the birthplace of the bulk of the world’s lineages—most significantly, prime and Silwick humans, dwarves, elves, gnomes, avrils, goblins, orcs, harpies, vampires, werewolves, and goliaths. The Nest is roughly the size of Earth’s North America and is entirely forested along the edges (or at least it was until a century ago when there was a population boom brought about by the Steamcog Revolution. The interior of the landmass is mostly barren wasteland (the result of the War of the Plagues) except for bamboo forests surrounding Faewalk’s largest mountain, Ākāśa Pula, which kind of looks from outer space like a giant white-head pimple that’s in the need of a good popping.  


Rodinia is the birthplace of the Rodinian humans and felidae lineages is roughly the size of Earth’s Europe and is placed firmly in the middle of the Grey/Gray Ocean(s). Despite being the size of Europe, the landscape and its cultures are distinctly Asian.


This continent the size of Africa and South America hugging is the home of barbarian humans, kobolds, phin, and novanoids, but today is a melting pot of every lineage as over the past millennia many of the shorelines have been colonized from expeditions from the Nest and Rodinia, carving out new kingdoms. Despite kingdoms having been founded in the Unfounded, most of the interior is unexplored wilderness—the barbarians, kobolds, and phin live on the outskirts between the kingdoms and the interior. Novanoids aren’t much of an exception because even though they originate from the Heart (a valley protected by a ring of mountains in the very center of the continent), whatever it was that expelled them from their homeland, did so quickly enough that they made beelines to the coast and didn’t do much exploring along the way.

Notable regions of the Unfounded include: The Dagger Shores


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