Covenant of the Silver Blood

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One god is lame; here, have three dozen.

Deity Role
Aine Goddess of love and desire
Ba’rakea God of secrets and magic
Beira Goddess of darkness and night
Bergusia Goddess of good luck
Ciotl Daughter goddess of the moon Io
Craison Goddess of health, birth, and parents
Cralex God of the oceans
Crow Princess Goddess of the state between life and death
Cruelle God of conquest, bloodshed, and goblins
Daan Goddess of the Downunder and dark elves
Dagda God of the gods
Dasil Goddess of roads and journey
Ecne God of knowledge
Edara Goddess of alcohol and frivolous joy
Eella Daughter goddess of the moon Rhea
Eir Dwarven god of bronze
Elocmosnar God of fate and fortune
Emros God of the summer sun
Elvis Patron god of the Elves
Fer’ra Goddess of nature
Goibniu God the forge and dwarves
Grandfather God of time
Gull Dwarven god of gold
Járn Dwarven god of iron
Jigus’rist God of unfortunate luck (ie failing successfully) and profanity
Jillis Goddess of thunder and storms
Kerridwin Mother goddess of the moons
Kiana Warrior Goddess of the elves
Lisiborh Goddess of messages and communication
Luach God of loyalty and duty
Luga God of the sun
Meatailt Goddess of metals
Mersing Dwarven goddess of brass
Močvara God of marsh, rejuvenation, and the Phin
Morrigu Goddess of misfortune
Nuex God of death and darkness
Qiwak Goddess of ducks and fate
Raspad God of rot, decay, and the vodyanoi
Runarae God of poetry
Salis Goddess of life and light
Sanlin’c God of sorrow and poverty
Scail Goddess of justice
Sheg Ga-Ga God of Madness and Chaos
Silfr Dwarven goddess of silver
Skrible God of writing
Stál Dwarven goddess of steel
Tacee Goddess of agriculture
Tanken God of nature’s wrath
Tyzdite Daughter goddess of the moon Charon
Ydohr God of the winter sun
Zhyor God of stone
Zyrate God of war
Zys God of fire