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Even in a fantasy world, individualistic thinking can get you in trouble.

An ancient and secretive order of historians, scholars, scientists and philosophers, the Freethinkers make it their business to study the natural world and existence itself. In recent years this society has focused its efforts on studying the Discombobulation. Members of this guild are also often called on to act as ambassadors and dignitaries due to their studies and natural aptitude in building public enthusiasm.

The Guild

The Freethinkers have been in existence since Lord Chernobog’s tyrannical rule over the nations of the Nest. Initially established by the philosopher Rengtus Underbridge (who had come to fame by being a companion of the hero Umbalah) and the career diplomat Caius Carius Crito. This friendship led to the organization of the Freethinkers as a direct response to Chernobog’s regime. Utilizing their distinctive talents, they gathered men and women to not only help scheme and organize civil revolts but to research new innovations, both technological and magical, to fight against Chernobog – one famous inventor being the researcher Poseidon, who’s magical mirror provided the hero Umbalah a means to slay the emperor. In the generations since, many chapters of the Freethinkers have sprung into existence and though each chapter is self-governing, most have turned their studies to methods of preventing events such as the Recension, Topsyturvy, and Discombobulation.


The members of the Freethinkers are divided into two distinct factions – the philosophers and the diplomats. The philosophers are men and women who dedicate their lives to studying the world and everything about it, often conducting experiments and creating new innovations. The diplomats are the individuals who act on behalf of the Freethinkers by becoming public figures and using their status to learn the world’s social and political information while brokering peace between different political parties and secretly promoting laws and referendums that will assist the guild in accomplishing their goals.


It’s impossible to know exactly how many Freethinkers there are worldwide due to their often-paranoid degree of secrecy in addition to the fact that each charter of Freethinkers is independent from the others. As for the Freethinkers in the Unfounded, it is assumed that there are a mere 130 judging by the fact that all members are given a specific numeral that they go by and Master 129 and Mistress 130 are the greatest known signatures.

The Freethinkers are for the most part a loosely connected band of individuals who are drawn together by their love of knowledge. Because of this, there is rarely any guild-wide objectives but instead routine gatherings that act as a brain trust, where new ideas are created, and partnerships can be made. In times of dire situations, this format does change however. In the cases of the Recension and the Discombobulation, most of the members were tasked with different jobs and goals that, when combined with their fellow Freethinkers, are aimed to help prevent catastrophe.