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Keep ahold of your money pouch, the thieves have unionized!

The least known of the guilds, the IRS — also known as the Union — is composed of thieves and assassins. Unlike the other primary guilds in the Unfounded, it is not only illegal to be a member of this guild but also to have transactions with them.

The Guild

Civilization has always been plagued by undesirables – thieves, mercenaries, and assassins. It was not until a woman known only as The Nameless decided to band these outcasts of society together to advance their position and eliminate other competitors. Thus, was the Union created. The official name of this collection of backstabbers and thieves is the Incorporated Rapscallion Syndicate (IRS) and its members take on various missions from thievery against greedy elites to assassinating anybody from a peasant to a noble – for a price. What’s more, to put coins in the guild coffer, the IRS agents act as mercenaries to the highest bidder, embarking on missions that the authority deems worthy though the individual members may take on quests on their own without the approval of the guild.

Most crime in the Unfounded is somehow associated with the Union due to their territorial nature. Should they encounter any non-Union individual murdering for hire or stealing they are likely to have a bounty put on their heads by the IRS for their ‘unauthorized transgressions’ — often putting them at odds with the Adventurers's Guild.


There are two forms of agents within this guild: assassins and rogues. Assassins are highly skilled mercenaries that take on missions to kill any person (except for another guild member) for a price while rogues are trained thieves. These men and woman essentially ignore the established status quo and steal from whom they want and kill for the profit.

All agents of the IRS are expected to perform assignments from the guild in the form of posted assignments while remaining diligent to preserve not only their identity but especially the identities of their superiors. The members of the guild can do as they wish so long as they meet their quota and do nothing to jeopardize the safety or integrity of the organization.


It is unknown how many agents are enlisted within the Union because of the guild’s concerns for secrecy and the autonomy of its members, though all members once achieving the rank of fellowcraft are required to have a small tattoo of the guild’s emblem somewhere on their body in order to collect bounties from the guild or otherwise prove their allegiance. The nations of the Unfounded estimate that the guild’s numbers likely range from 2,000 to 10,000 individuals.