Knights of the Sword and Shield

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Fighters aren't the brightest; at least they came up with a name.

A guild of warriors, the Knights of the Sword and Shield act as the protectors of the innocent and the right to live freely. Working individually or as groups, these fighters roam the lands striving to slay or drive off those of cruel intention.

The Guild

Established for the elite soldiers of Bar’Moth by its Emperor, the order barely survived the nation's collapse. Losing all their generals and nearly nine-tenths of the warriors during the destruction of Bar’Moth, the Knights were in disarray for nearly fifty years before Sir Cadwell took it upon himself to reunite the survivors scattered across the land. Though the task was difficult and dangerous, Sir Cadwell accomplished his quest; thus, was the Knights of the Sword and Shield reestablished as an independent organization, separate from the political turmoil of the newly establishing nations of the Nest. Since then the society has striven to fight off the dangers to the world, internal and external. Along with the Pentagram Society, the Knights of the Sword and Shield are the only society to exist in both the Nest and the Unfounded under the same governance.


The Knights of the Sword and Shield are broken into two positions, Champions and Guardians. Champions are offensive combatants while Guardians take a role protecting their companions from harm.


Currently there are twelve hundred men and women enrolled within the rosters of this guild, many of whom have no affiliation with each other. One general is assigned to the leadership of the knights located in each nation.