List of Faewalk alternatives for trademarked and copywritten content

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This list is ever growing as there are lots of trademarked/copywritten names, creatures, and deities from fantasy worlds out there.


This place becomes Closest Faewalk Equivalent
Balder's Gate Boulders Fence
Bleak Eternity of Gehenna Undiscovered
Blessed Fields of Elysium Undiscovered
Candle Keep Torchtower
Chult Chizel
Clockwork Nirvana of Mechanus Undiscovered
Concordant Domain of the Outlands Undiscovered
Durpar Turnip
Ever-Changing Chaos of Limbo Undiscovered
Faerun Faewalk
Forgotten Realms Undiscovered
Gray Waste of Hades Undiscovered
Heroic Domains of Ysgard Undiscovered
Icewind Dale Friginfrigid Tundra
Infernal Battlefield of Acheron Undiscovered
Infinite Layers of the Abyss The Abyss
Nine Hells of Baator Undiscovered
Olympian Glades of Arborea Undiscovered
Peaceable Kingdoms of Arcadia Undiscovered
Seven Mounting Heavings of Celestia Undiscovered
Sigil Undiscovered
Sossal Tassel
Sword Coast Dagger Shores
Tarterian Depths of Carceri Undiscovered
Twin Paradises of Bytopia Undiscovered
Underdark Downunder
Waterdeep Shallowpool
Wilderness of the Beastlands Undiscovered
Windswept Depths of Pandemonium Undiscovered

Creatures and Peoples

Dungeons and Dragons Creatures and Peoples
This thing becomes Faewalk Official
Aboleths Undiscovered
Aarakocra Avril
Baatezu Undiscovered
Beholders Peepers
Carrion Crawlers Undiscovered
Displacer Beasts Undiscovered
Duergar Derrgerr
Gauths Undiscovered
Gelantinous Cube Jelly
Githyanki Undiscovered
Githzerai Undiscovered
Illithids / Mind Flayers Squidithids
Kenku Crowcrow
Kuo-toa Undiscovered
Rust Monster Undiscovered
Slaad Undiscovered
Tanar'ri Undiscovered
Thri-Kreen Mantisian
Umber Hulks Undiscovered
Yuan-ti Undiscovered
Lord of the Rings Creatures and Peoples
This thing becomes Faewalk Official
Balrogs Undiscovered
Ents Undiscovered
Hobbits Halflings
Ringwraiths Undiscovered
Uruk-Hai Undiscovered


Dungeons and Dragons Deities
This DnD god becomes Faewalk Official (deity of)
Amaunator Luga God of the day
Ao Dagda The "Overgod"
Asmodeus Edara Goddess of alcohol, frivolous joy, self-indulgence
Auppenser Boldko God of Kobolds
Aureon Ecne God of knowledge
Azuth Ba'rakea God of arcane arts and secrets
Bahamut Undiscovered deity of dragons and protection
Balinor Undiscovered deity of the hunt
Berronar Meatailt Goddess of metals
Beshaba Morrigu Goddess of misfortune
Boldrei Undiscovered deity of community, home, and family
Celestian Undiscovered deity of space
Chauntea Tacee Goddess of agriculture
Corellon Larethian Kiana Goddess of the elves
Cyric Lugh God of strife and lies
Deneir Undiscovered deity of cartography and geology
Dol Arrah Salis Goddess of life and light
Dol Dorn Stál Goddess of steel and strength
Ehlonna Undiscovered deity of flowers
Erythnul Undiscovered deity of hate and revenge
Garl Glittergold Gildengod God of technology and gnomes
Gruumsh Cruelle Goddess of conquest, bloodshed, and goblin-kind.
Helm Undiscovered deity of protection and guardians
Ilmater Sanlin’c God of sorrow and poverty
Incabulos Undiscovered deity of woe
Kelemvor Nuex God of death and darkness
Kol Korran Gull deity of gold, trade, and wealth
Kossuth Zys God of fire
Kutrulmak Undiscovered
Lathander Craison Goddess of health, birth, and athletics
Leira Undiscovered deity of deception and disguise
Lliira Undiscovered deity of joy
Lolth Daan Goddess of the underground and dark elves
Loviatar Misochist Goddess of torture
Milil Runarae God of poetry and art
Moander Raspad God of rot, decay, and the vodyanoi
Moradin Goibniu God the forge/Dwarves
Myrkul Undiscovered deity of the dead
Obad-Hai Tanken God of nature and the hunt
Oghma Tittertat God of inspiration, storytelling, and humor
Pelor Emros God of the summer sun
Pholtus Ydohr God of the winter sun
Raven Queen The Crow Princess Goddess of the space between life and death
Savras Elocmosnar God of fate and fortune
Sehanine Moonbow Eella Goddess of the moon Rhea
Sekolah Carcharias Goddess of sharks and justice
Selune Kerridwin Mother goddess of the moons
Shar Beira Goddess of darkness and night
Shaundakul Dasil Goddess of roads and journey
Silvanus Fer'ra Goddess of nature
Semuanya Močvara God of marsh, rejuvenation, and the Phin
St. Cuthbert Undiscovered deity of the hunt for evil
Sune Aine Goddess of love
Talona Undiscovered deity of poison and ambition
Talos Jillis Goddess of thunder and storms
Tempus Zyrate God of war
Thrym Undiscovered deity of ice, snow, and cold
Torm Luach God of loyalty and duty
Trithereon Undiscovered deity of individuality, freedom, and self defense
Tymora Bergusia Goddess of good luck
Tyr Scail Goddess of justice
Ulaa Undiscovered deity of gemstones
Umberlee Cralex God of the oceans and salt water
Yonfalla Undiscovered deity of tradition, law, and order


Dungeons and Dragons Objects
This DnD object becomes Faewalk Official
Book of Exalted Deeds Undiscovered
Book of Vile Darkness Undiscovered
Lord of the Rings Objects
This DnD object becomes Faewalk Official
Mithril Mythril
The One Ring Mighty Bling


Dungeons and Dragons Spells
This DnD spell becomes Faewalk Official
Draining Kiss Vampiric Kiss
Eladar's Electric Surge Franklin's Electric Kite


This becomes Faewalk Official
Yipyak Woofyak