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Since Faewalk has continents, it makes sense that there are also oceans. Right?

The planet of Faewalk has four oceans: the Grey/Gray, Cerulean, Frozen, and the Bedlam. Only the Grey and Cerulean Oceans can be traveled upon by Faewalk’s denizens, and the Grey is typically done with care because of frequent hurricanes.

The Frozen Ocean encompasses the North Pole, and what of it isn’t frozen is filled with icebergs and drifting ice sheets.

The Bedlam Ocean’s furthest reaches south are similar to the Frozen Ocean covering the South Pole, however much of its surface lies in an eternal fog that makes navigation impossible (the edge of which is called the Wall and drifts in roughly the same place for ages like a curtain of clouds ). There’s a consistent lack of wind that makes sails useless, and compasses become unreliable—presumably due to a high density of metals on the sea floor and a Game Leader’s determination to keep people on the one damn continent they are supposed to stay on.

Because of Faewalk’s three moons, the oceans experience two high tides (called the Cannon and Deidian Tides) and two low tides a day; the high tide that occurs in the morning, the Cannon Tide, is the smaller of the two. In addition to these tides, there is also the Ioian Tide that occurs roughly every other month as the moon Io’s orbit brings it closer to Faewalk than Rhea—the Ioian Tide is an amplified Deidian tide, raising almost double the height of the normal high tide.