Order of the Wyld

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“Wild” is too passé for hip druids and rangers.

Those who dedicate their lives to the natural world, doing whatever it takes to protect the forests and the animals they act as home to, strive to become a member of the Order of the Wyld. Because of their pact to fight for the wilderness they often inadvertently find themselves as champions of the people because of their tendencies of fighting not only the unnatural beasts of the Discombobulation but also the gentry, nobility, and royals of the lands.

The Guild

Over the centuries, many self-proclaimed outcasts of society have ventured into the wilderness to carve a destiny of their own amongst the beasts of the field, fowl of the air, and fish in the water. These men and women, often considered hermits by the "civilized folk," know the land much better than any other and are sought as guides or scouts. When the Unfounded was discovered many of these outdoorsmen traveled to the new continent to be free of civilization. One such woman, Cilia Bravekin, realized that colonists were soon to follow and sought to preserve as much of the Unfounded as she could. In 1391, Cilia gathered all the outdoorsman she could find and established the Order of the Wyld, a guild dedicated to protecting its members and the natural world that they reside in from all outside factions.


There are essentially two roles that a ranger can take within the guild; pathfinder and survivalist. Pathfinders act as scouts for whoever hires them, excelling in melee combat, setting and disabling traps, and tracking. A survivalist on the other hand is more in tune with animals, relying on their wild companions for protection and defense while they themselves fight using ranged weapons. Survivalists are also more able to be able to thrive in most terrains with ease.


It is impossible to tell how many members' there are in this guild because of the organization's claims that all outdoors-men and hermits are part of the Order. However, official rosters show roughly three-hundred men and women listed as dues-paying members—agents of the guild that are willing to work with society to secure the safety of all the wilderness and hermits. This guild does not have any form of formal ranks or internal hierarchy.