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Faewalk is a planet. There are other planets. Can you visit them? Maybe.

Faewalk is not alone in the reaches of space where it resides, it is but one celestial object orbiting its Sun. It is, however, unique in the fact that no other planet is believed to be home to sentient life.


A supermassive ball of fire, the Sun sits in the center of the solar system. Faewalk and all of the other planets circle the Sun, a full rotation marking one year for the respective world.


The closest planet to the Sun, Curtain is a small world apparently composed entirely of a white stone. Its orbit completes in about 90 Faewalk days. Curtain has no moons.


The second closest planet to the Sun, Faewalk is the only world to have life. The planet rotates 305 times in a year. Faewalk has three moons:


The smallest of the moons, Io is also the furthest away from the planet most of the time, though its rotation brings it closer to Faewalk than Rhea for a single day every several months. This moon is covered completely in water.


The middle moon of Faewalk, Rhea is the largest of the moons and is the only to rotate itself. Rhea is also notable for being almost entirely covered in forests–during full moons it lights up Faewalk about half of the intensity of the Sun during the day.


The closest moon to Faewalk, Charon is composed primarily of obsidian. Even when it fully lit by the Sun, it appears as though it is a new moon and when it is a new moon, it can only be seen when positioned between Faewalk and Rhea.

Nexon Ring

Believed to have once been a planet about double the size of Faewalk, the Nexon Ring is a belt of asteroids, comets, and twelve moons (Fehu, Jera, Opila, Ehwaz, Teiwaz, Mannaz, Isa, Perp, Wunjo, Raido, Gebo, and Berkana) that circle the Sun between Faewalk and Abnim.


The third planet of the Solar System, Abnim is a red gas giant ringed by a blue belt of planetary debris. This world takes roughly 20 Faewalk years to make a full rotation around the Sun. Abnim has four primary moons: Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus.


The fourth and furthest planet from the Sun, Leamonde is the same size and makeup of Faewalk minus life. Observations conclude that the planet even had its own oceans, though they have long frozen over. It takes this planet roughly 35 Faewalk years to make a full rotation around the Sun. Leamonde has two moons in orbit: Riot and Callo.


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