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Remember, spells are copywritten material.

An order of magic users, only the most devout conjurers can join and be named a magi or wizard — titles of legend.

The Guild

Believed to have been established by Nicantil, the first mage of Faewalk himself, the Guild of the Magi’s earliest records only go back so far as two thousand years after the event known as the Denial of Nicantil in the Fourth Age. Regardless of this discrepancy, the guild is without any doubt the oldest guild in the world and has representatives in every nation on the Nest and the Unfounded, making it (alongside the Adventurers' Guild and the Knights of the Sword and Shield) the only society to exist in both continents under the same governance.

The Guild of the Magi is also noteworthy for their involvement with training non-members, in fact every country has at least one arcane tower to teach pupils with an aptitude towards magic, training them how to utilize their powers to the best of their ability and become a full-fledged mage. Each Arcane Tower is staffed by members of the Guild and as such that is where most guildmembers can be found.


While the arcane towers across Faewalk are constantly feeding the populace with trained magi, few of these men and woman ever become titled as an archwizard, a title reserved for the powerful members of the Pentagram Society. As advocates of order and procedure, it’s no surprise that the organization is often bogged down in extensive amounts of paperwork – including rosters listing every mage trained at each school and every individual given the honor to be named a wizard.

The bulk of the member of the Magi Guild are staffed in the arcane towers across Faewalk; newly initiated members of the guild are expected to serve at least several years teaching new students their magic, though this is not always the case. The guild has also been known to send their members out into the world to combat dangers to not only the guild but to existence in general while others are tasked with safeguarding artifacts of immense power. Regardless, this guild is known for the autonomy of its members and lacks sophisticated structure such as can be found in the adventurers' guild, its members only expected to serve at a tower or occasionally partake in an assignment sent from their local tower – which is governed in a democratic fashion will all the wizards in residence voting on official matters.

Pentagram Society

The Pentagram Society are the most esteemed of wizards in the Magi Guild, one must be a member of the Society to be eligible to be on the Council.

The Council

The ruling members of the Guild of the Magi, led by the Archwizard.

Mages of the Bay

The Mages of the Bay is the Guild's legal department and is best represented by the process server Bernie, who tracks down individuals who use spells, rituals, and incantations that had been copywritten and/or trademarked by the guild.


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